The next events are getting closer

The beach and bay of Jinha, South Korea.

After I returned from South Korea – the trip was cool and I could score better in the last race of the event – I try to remember, what I learnt at Jinha Beach about racing, sail trim, body trim in between my rigg and board, pumping technique, jibing.. Additionally the time in South Korea is always a very relaxed one. Everything is organised great and as a rider you feel very much welcome!!

I already had two excellent sessions on th ewater of my  homespot at Podersdorf, Lake Neusiedl and I could feel a lot of improvement in the settings. Especially on the iSonic 107 plus the Reflex II 8,6 everything feels excellent. And with the 9,2 and the 127 I can play in the lightest conditions.

The next flight to Barcelona will start on Sunday late afternoon. This time my girlfriend Kerstin will be on the trip as well and it will be fun to stay together at the beautiful Costa Brava.

Tomorrow I will join a public event of my sponsor Sportpool Burgenland and talk to school kids about the windsurfing life and the coolest sport ever.

For June 2011 I already fixed the schedule: after the Costa Brava PWA event I will participate in the One Hour event at Lake Garda and later the month as well the IFCA Slalom Worlds on the Dutch island of Texel.

See you on the water,


Markaction at South Korea in 2011 (Pic: Carter/ PWA 2011).

Selfportrait at Jinha, South Korea.

Perfect tent setup for the gear storage. That´s the tent I shared with Steve Allen this time.