The slalom is really tough here

The second day of slalom racing here in Costa Brava was really hard. The wind picked up around 13.15. The first heat was heat 4 in elimination 1, the heat I went in. Was on 7th position at the second last mark, but slipped off the board after the jibe and just made it on the 9th position. In the following second round we went for halffleetraces. That means24 or 23 riders did start far outside to sail downwind to the first mark. In my opinion th efirst leg was more than a kilometer on the outside. It was an endless ride for me following the top guys. The water was super choppy. The first mark was so small watching it from the outside. I could make it on the 17th position in my 23 person strong heat. Not so good….Was on my new AERO 7,6 and the Isonic 101 with a Drake 38. The gear worked great, but had troubles to find a good balance. Felt sometimes to be leaned to much to the water. After race two, which was won by Björn D., who sailed super fast on the first leg, a third race got started. Again halffleet. I was in the first one. Tried a pinmark start, which worked great, but heard the horn. Shit, over early? No, it was the sign for cancellation because of too unsteady wind blowing on the whole course area.
Anyway, the day was a big experience in my still young racing career. I prepared a lot of starts and had some races on all my gear I brought to Costa Brava. Sails in the sizes 9.2, 8.4 and 7.6, boards with 122 and 101 liters and fins in th esizes 38, 42 and 44. In the moment I am placed on position 31, which would mean that I can win points. That´s definitely the goal. I will fight hard for, but always try to stay relaxed.
All the best,

new heats get up (PWA / Carter)

life on the camping “la ballena alegre”, the happy whale camping (shot by myself)