Things are coming together

Happy new year to all of you. 2007 sounds great. Like the number 7, perhaps not for sailsize, but 4.7 is ok. Listened a bit to the music of Shania Twain while the night, one of the famous musicians staying in the lengendary Hotel California in Todos Santos. The Eagles were never there. Just rumours. But sometimes it´s great to believe in rumours. They make stories more interesting. Will leave within three days to Asia. Must lok for getting my stuff in order. The windforecast for the Phillippines is quite promising. Perhaps I should pack my medium Slalom rocket, the Isonic 101, too. Perhaps not. Saw the aeroplanes on the youtube vids. They do not look so big. But seem to hit the goals. Hope not to get lost somewhere in between these 7000 islands. Anyway, my freestyler needs to be in the bag, because the spot looks so awesome. Would like to take so many toys and friends there, but will go alone and just with a limited ammount of gear. I´m not Brad Pitt. It is all about money.

Perhaps it´s a chance to jump on the board tomorrow on our lake. Some warm air arrived from somewhere this evening. Let´s see.

Hope to be not too rusty on the board at the upcoming event. Had no chance to train here in Austria, too cold and no wind.

But I´m motivated and hope you all motivated for playing windsurf with an easy smooth style, too
Let´s go for it, play hard.



Somewhen in warm waters on the Canaries. Like the Challenger Proto 5.0 m².