Too windy?

It´s the 13th of December and a lucky day. Incredible strong northwind kicked in on the Lake Neusiedler this afternoon. I could not belive how many whitecaps (browncaps) were jumping around when I first got a look on my homespot. The wind was shifty, but that was not the main problem. I took a squaremeter too big and a pretty big board. My plan was to test a 34 cm fin on my Isonic 101 combined with the 6,6 Code Red. The wind was so strong, that I really had probelms to keep my sail in position. I already had pulled it flat, but still. Besides we saw a massive windchill, far below zero. I had to stop behind the little islands grown of reed, which swayed by the very cold storm in wide amplitudes, to get my fingers warmed up. I also tried to get my heartrate down a bit.
But it was fun in a way I can´t describe. Windsurfing in the cold feels always very special to me. The forecast for the next days is so good, but the temperature should sink and sink. If the wind is too much from the North it always gets colder than having Northwesterly winds.


Thanks to Walter from for the pics:

Inside the bay, the wind protected area with Northwind

Outside, pretty much out of control