Turns in the snow

Wow, it was great! Yesterday night I went with all the continentseven crew for a nightski session. We went up and down the little hills at Semmering, a well known resort for people from Vienna and established for tourism since the beginning of the 20th century. I did not ski for a while, but it felt just awesome! When I was young I went skiing almost every day while the wintertime and dreamed about windsurfing. Nowadays I windsurf while the wintertime and dream about making turns in the snow….no, just joking. Great dreams. Great times.
The mountains are around 90 min drive away from our living place. You can see them from the balcony, if the sky is clear and the sun far down. For the upcoming weekend warm temperatures and wind should appear and make me happy. And on monday it´s time to leave to Asia.

Swinging on the snow (filmed by Medea)

[youtube pqOWc6pZPtY]

The 3C7 crew including myself behind the camera (sister&brother, girlfriend&brother, medea&mazatlan)


Happy after the session (pic by Medea)


A view over the balcony (shot by myself)