Unexpected gusts of wind and “thunderstruck”

Some days ago the sky got dark within some minutes. The temperature was super warm, around 35°. But within a second a thunderstorm started, the temperature went down by 15° and we were sitting directly in the center of a massive thunderstorm. There was no chance to get on the water, because the wind kept his force just for around 10 minutes. Thunder and lightnings were all around. Better than in the first line of an ACDC open air. Yeaah, thunderstruck. We just went down all our computers. With the stormy gusts super strong rain started. The water was flying in a strange angle. Kerstin got me on the video.
All the other days we had a lot of high pressure with less wind. I prepare my fitness by cycling and work a lot on the computer. My plan is to improve my writing and get a lot of articles done. I will come up with some vids from the last Slalom 42 events soon.

See you,

Kids of the block are quite impressed and scared at the same moment

“It should be not too bad for the vineyards”, some experts told me