Wind on saturday

It´s incredible! We had wind on saturday again. This time the forecast was not as good as it turned out to be when sailing on the water. A cold front is passing Austria right now, the first one for a while. This cold air brought wind and a bit of the feeling when your hands start to freeze while sailing. The fall seems to start. Kerstin went on the 6,o and myself on the 9,0. Today there were less people on the water. The wind shifted a lot and produced extremely choppy waterconditions. I worked on my starts and jibes: thanks to the local security people, who put many orange marks in the lake, to make line seperating the Kitesurfers from the swimmers and give them a signal to stay at least 500 m away from the shore. These marks are awesome to work on starts and jibes. I had some excellent starts passing at zero with full speed. In this instable windconditions you really have to jibe in the right moment to prepare the last run to teh startline. My experience tells me to be prepared better not too late. So I jibe in between 35 an 45 seconds of the first minute. If the wind is stable I jibe at 55 seconds. If the wind is really strong like in Fuerteventura or Pozo I jibe at 60 seconds to 65 second. So there are in between 85 and less than a minute left for the ride back to the line.

Anyway, the session was great and teached me some new know how.



Kerstin on the freestyle board with her sexy blue neoprene hood.


And she carved in the jibes pretty nice.

And kept the speed.

Working on a better jibe. Jibe 1201. (pic by Kerstin Reiger)

Jibe 1202. The clouds are perfect already. No photoshop. (pic by Kerstin Reiger)

And some progress on the Jetski in the pool of the speedworld. Can´t await to riode on the open sea. Thanks Andi, amore motore!!
(pic by Kerstin Reiger)