Windy and silent

What a surprise. The wind picked up while the afternoon and I could at my homespot. 9.2 and Isonic 122 with a 46 cm long Drake. Definitely the longest fin I ever used in this board and was surprised about the efficiency. Could make excellent upwind and planning through jibes, shifting the sail earlier and stearing out in a way I have never done it before, yeah. As well I invested in an used extension with 3 rolls instead of two and could get a brilliant downhaul. It´s such a difference having one roll more at your extension and one more on the pulley hook. Ordered some Marlow ropes as well, from Keith Atkinson, who gets sponsored by this company. Will be nice to get the downhaul done by the perfect ropes.
Later on I went for shooting some digital pics. The light was low, the sun far down, but had a big motivation to shoot the evening light and the quiet moments. In some days this silence will be gone. The summeropening event will be started and produce noise for about 10 long days.

All the best and enjoy the silence and serenity.