Windy like in summertime

Good old Europe got warmed up while the last days and the wind is up in Gran Canaria. Yesterday Vargas worked great, sailing on 4,7 and 80 liters. Kerstin was on 3,7. Today the wind picked up by 10 knots and decide to ride the waves of Vargas again. In Pozo the windreadings were up to 38 knots at the beach, where you have some windshadows. Outside the gusts went up to 45 knots for sure. Vargas worked great, ripping on the EVO 75 and Gator 4,2.

Tomorrow we have the last chance to get on the boards. The forecast is immense. It should be the strongest day of the year 2008 here in Gran Canaria.

Keep you updated,


Vargas at its best (shot by Kerstin Reiger).


Pozo Izquierdo can be very windy (shot by Kerstin Reiger)!