Windy spring 2010

A windy 5th of April 2010 (Source:

A windy 5th of April 2010 with strong northerly wind (Source:

While the last two weeks we saw a lot of great days here at my homespot on Lake Neusiedler. My plan was to catch most of the days and if it will be really light to jump on the XL Formula gear. But it was so much wind, that my most used set got the small iSONIC 86 plus 5,4 followed by 131 on the lighter days. When riding a strong period of southern winds – together with my training partner Pfaffi – he had a top speed of 66 km/h on his GPS. So the speed should be ok this season.

These days of testing brought also a clear result, which boardsizes I will register for the upcoming PWA season: iSONIC 86, 111 & 131.

Walter from Windkraftsport took some shots today, when sailing in 35 knots. Thanks for the real DUCK JIBE secret! Now I totally got it!!

The real Duck Jibe on Lake Neusiedler (Pic: windkraftsport).

The real Duck Jibe on Lake Neusiedler today (Pic:

I really hope that the conditions will stay as good as they are in the moment and it could become a monster season.