35 knots + at Sotavento

The wind blew super strong while the whole day. A big dusty cloud moved above the sandy hills behind the beach. Most of the guests dragged little sailsizes in between 3,3 and 4,0 m down to the waterfront. I decided to try my Code Red 5,6 and the Isonic 86 in this sort of conditions. Jens, my local coach, had an eye on my rigging. The gear felt great at the water afterwards. Jens exactly got the right outhaul. I put the mastfoot far forward and the boom down to get more control into the system. While the first legs jibing felt hard, but I did not give up and got a wider grip on the boom and the mast more on the inside while the first part of the move. As well I tried to shift the sail as early I could. Sometimes the acceleration I got, when I started the jibe, was insane. Longer the session went more confident I felt and could finish most of the jibes in planing position. This session in 35+ knots really was awesome and my confidence into strong wind slalom sailing arised a lot.


Jens “Poegi” normally does not speak much and more keeps himself in the background. But the wind was up and that´s a reason for him to show up at the beach (shot by Kerstin Reiger).

Windy conditions at Sotavento beach (shot by Kerstin Reiger).

a view on the speedstrip while lowtide (shot by myself).

A short videoclip from Sotavento. The quality is super low.

[youtube uNkv6sHd4H4]