A bit stormy

In the moment the wind is on over Austria. Instead of heavy snowfall, like it happens in the higher regions, we got strong stormy gust of wind in the lower areas. The air temperature was around 4 °. Together with the cold wind it makes a temperature far below zero. It´s not super fun to sail in this conditions, but it´s better than not to sail. I took my warmest wetsuit out of the cellar, a model from Windward, which I used in 1996 in Alaska. Still it fits great and kept me warm like 11 years and two months ago, when I sailed in the Bering sea and in front of glaciers together with Thomas Miklautsch. I was on my 6,7 Code Red and the Isonic 87 well powered up, perhaps a bit to big. Went around 60 km/h. Chris Sammer, former PWA top freestyler, had some awesome runs with an incredible topspeed of 70 km/h. That must be one of the fastest speed runs on the lake Neusiedler. Just awesome!!! Also Tom Böhm, a windsurf shopowner and enthusiastic speedfreak went over 64 km/h.
Tomorrow another massive stormfront should arrive and I will try to get on my 5,6.


it´s getting dark after the session and heavy rainfall stopped the storm a bit