Alacati done

It was the 5th PWA Slalom 42 event of the season and I ended up on the 33 position in a 75 men big fleet. The results looks the same like always, but honestly I felt a progress. My starts and especiall the speed on the first leg were much better. The start in this race were not good, but I could fight back and jumped from the 56th to 32nd position within 4 days. On the final day I lost one position. In the overall ranking I´m placed on the 30 position in the moment. My goal was to come in the top 25, but the fleet got bigger and the overall quality of sailing much higher. The Sylt event is missing. But still the event at the Northern sea there is some time left to train and tune the gear, especially the 9,0 Code Red. My 7,7 is tuned now and works great on the Isonic 122 with the Vector 44. I will get a bigger sized fin for the 7 – 13 knots conditions, whic often we get on Sylt. As well I will train hard to jibe much quicker.

Congratulations to Björn for the event victory and to Antoine winning the 2008 Slalom worldtitle with an impressive season so far: speed worldrecord, worldchampion speed, 3 winnings in PWA events, several other victories….

Keep you updated,


Kev introduces myself into the secrets of Slalom sailing (shot by Kerstin Reiger).

Slamming a jibe on the Slalom gear inside the bay of Alacati (shot by John Carter/