Arrived on the Canaries

It´s so beautiful to sail in crystal waters at Sotavento with nice powerful wind in the sail. I really enjoyed my first session yesterday at the Center 1 of  René Egli.

The preparation for the 6 weeks trip, which will include short excursions to Lanzarote and Gran Canaria as well, were tough. I had to organize some technical ugrades, sort out all the right gear – it makes no sense to carry gear around you will never use at this windy spots and do all the necessary office work.

Now, Kerstin and myself are arrived and life feels easy. Kerstin already had a great photo shooting from the air, flying around on a Gyrocopter for several hours. We also met a lot of friends, celebrated birthday with Matti, had a coffee at the new Bar of Andy, who runs the Rapa Nui surfing center.

Yesterday I worked on the tuning of my Reflex 7,8 plus the iSonic 111 and the super nice new Pfaffi Fin 38,5, which are designed by my testing partner Peter Pfaffenbichler.

The wind were in between 12 and 20 knots and I sailed in front of the Pro Center 1 together with the local Orlando Lavendera, who runs the cool Fuerteventura Wave Classic.

While the upcoming days I will try to test all my Reflex sails and iSONIC board combis I brought and work on the tuning. From 7,8 down to 7,0, which takes a lot of wind and works on 111 and 86. The 6,2 and 5,6 I only will use on the 86. I brought fins from 31,5 up to 40 cm length.

Keep you updated!!


Living at the sea, at least for some weeks in the year!

Kerstin is ready for a walk.

Reading in Andy´s new Bar, John Severson´s "Great Surfing", a masterpiece with essays.

Getting the Reflex 7,8 ready at Rene Egli´s Center 1.

Kerstin in front of the Gyrocopter, which can fly 140 km/h.

The first ride at Sotavento was a lot of fun.

Yes, the gear works great!