Island traveller

It´s a special trip on the Canaries this year. We first arrived on Fuerteventura and had a good time for about a week at Sotavento. Afterwards we travelled to Lanzarote reporting from the second PWA Freestyle event. The action was great. Sarah-Quita took another title and Gollito could defeat Kiri in the final. We stayed at the beach front of the Sands Beach resort.

Dark morning view from the Sands Beach Resort on the Atlantic ocean.

The time on Lanzarote was great. We met new friends and also found time to have a nice run just around the corner of the hotel, where the island is quite remote.

A local wrestling competition at Las Cucharas around midday!

One day after the event we took the ferry back to Corralejo. Arrived on Fuerteventura we immediately recognized that the sun has much more power compared to Lanzarote. Back on the sunny island we had a nice windsurfing session, but had to pack for our trip to Gran Canaria.

On the ferry to Gran Canaria.

After a 2,5 hours long ferry boat ride we arrived in Las Palmas. On the first day in Pozo – the wind completely died – nobody thought about good waveaction. We visited the Samsara restaurant in Maspalomas later in the evening and chilled out to be ready for the windy days. The Samsara is definitely one of the restaurants you never will forget about. Was great eating Tuna Carppacio from half a meter wide plates.

Rocking the stones of Pozo (Pic: Kerstin Reiger).

The trades showed up on the following days and we saw incredible jumps and waverides. Philip Köster and Victor Fernandez, in Pozo for sure the best sailors in the moment, sailed three times a final and Victor, who trained the whole June on Gran Canaria, could win twice of them. In the ladies fleet the Moreno twins sailed on another level and proofed ther dominancy in Pozo. Daida could win in front of Iballa. Big congrats to both of them!

Talking with Kev Pritchard, who was busy at Pozo competing and working on daily vids! (Pic: Kerstin Reiger).

I found some time in between filming and writing to get on the water. Was really fun to sail in Pozo.

Getting some air under the board at Pozo (Pic: Kerstin Reiger).

Some minutes before the arrival back on Fuerteventura, at the port of Morro Jable.

On the 10th we returned to Fuerteventura and had windy conditions every single day. I found conditions to tune my smallest race sails in 5,6 and 6,2. The wind blew up to 40 knots. I sailed with the local Orlando and had one session with Philip Köster, who performs great on the Slalom gear already.

Philip Köster and myself on some speed at Sotavento (Pic: Kerstin Reiger).

Now we stay on Fuerteventura. The PWA worldcup will start on the 23.7. It´s time to train with the other boys, who already arrived and getting focused on Slalom racing. Looks like we will see 64 competitors here at Sotavento. 61 are already registered on the PWA page. Have a look!

In the moment the windconditions are super strong and I also sail on my Quad waveboard sometimes. had a nice session with Kerstin and the freestyle boys at center 1.

Kerstin at a bottom turn on 3,3. The eventtent in the background.