Back from Asia

It was a nice time overthere in South Korea. The event was so well organised and the conditions were fine. Now it´s time to focus on training and tuning the gear even better. I already had a worldclass 9,6 day  on the lake in Podersdorf and some training in the gym and on the bike. The 37th position in the first Slalom was not the best start in the 2010 season, but I felt a lot of speed. For sure it was a big chance for me using a 9,6 plus the 131 for the very first in the competition. All is bigger, wider, but also covering a much bigger windrange. But I really like my new gear, the Reflex sails plus the iSonics. Thanks to Steve, Victor, Björn and Wojtek I have a much better tuning now. It also motivated extremely much to share the tent with multiple worldchampions! A massive knowledge transfer loaded up my brain and body!

I used most of the time 131 plus 9,6 m, in one race 131 plus 8,6, which is a great combo, 111 plus 7,8 in another race and 111 plus 8,6, which works much much better than expected! While the next days there is a lot of work to do. The windforecast looks excellent. Another cold front should arrive by monday! The flight to Barcelona will be on the 7th of June. This time Kerstin will be on the plane as well, yeah!

See you on the water!


The beach of Jinha and the announcements (Pic: by myself).

Fighting at the mark with 111 and 7,8 (Pic: Carter/ PWA 2010).

Good speed at almost no wind thanks to Reflex 9,6 and iSonic 131 (Pic: Carter/ PWA 2010).