Back from the Canary Islands

It was a great trip, packed with a lot of work. Kerstin did shoot more than 5000 pics, I did compete in 40 slalom 42 eliminations, filmed 18 tapes. We both tried to keep people on updated as good as possible. besides I created eventreports for the German SURF. For sure much more could be done, but it was not bad. While the 40 days we just had four days without consistent wind and if we would have changed our position, we could have got wind.
It was hard to leave Fuerteventura, where the wind had been blown quite consistent in beginning of August. The Riu Calma 4 star hotel was great, a relaxing oasis. I missed the last day of competition in the ISA speed, which was not so good for my endresult. On this day 2 races got sailed and I got a 57 twice, bad. It was my first windsurfing competition I missed anything. Next time I will plan a bit better in my timemanagement.
At the airport the service was great. Around 250 kilos went on the LTU plane without any troubles. But we packed well. There was plenty of time. The trip home took us 24 hours. Now there is a lot of work to do at sweet home. The wind is down and I work on my personal fitness. Hope I can get some more till the 12th of August, when the plane will start the trip to Turkey. The 6th PWA Slalom 42 race will be on soon, yeaah.

See you,

view from the balcony to the sea (pic: myself at 7.04)

packing at the airport (pic: Kerstin Reiger)

some gear lifted (pic: Kerstin Reiger, I was shaking, hihihi)

speed cowboy (pic: Kerstin Reiger)