Back in Austria after 62 days of travelling

This is the end of the second trip to Southeastasia while the last four months. Had 19 flights  and a big ammount of costs. While the last seven flights I went together with my girlfriend Kerstin. The Taiwan trip brought excellent results, out of my view. Now I am quite tired and will try to find back in a solid way of living in Austria. I will work on new articles for magazines and will try to write in a way, which makes me happy. My view on Asia has been changed a bit. After the several trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia I really must say, that the life can be hard there. Imagine you have to make your monthly living out of 200 � and should send kids to school or surprise your girlfriend or wife  with a little present time by time. Just think about. For us it seem sto be relatively cheap and easy to live there, but life in reality  for a big group of inhabitants must be quite hard.