Back from Monsoon Madness to Bangkok

It is office time right now. After having the race in Malaysia, I got seventh in the end after four counted races and Jesper Orth, one of my best friends on tour, could win, I headed back to Bangkok and later on to Pattaya. Thinking back to the Monsoon Madness event in Kuantan/Malaysia I am not unhappy with my sailing, but a bit unhappy with the final result. Had really good moments in the longdistance race and could place 2nd, 4th and 5th. One run, when I was placed 4th, did not get couted. In Slalom I placed only 12th and 14th, but got crashed at the start by two locals and had once absolutely no wind in my 9.2 AERO sail. The 14th was a discard. I sailed all the races on the 9.2 AERO and the Isonic 122 with Drake fins of 42 and 44 cm lenght. All together it was a well organized showdown with excellent windsurfing conditions.

Back there In Pattaya I went on a quite nice boardtrip with the Starboard core crew to some remote islands. Was fun sailing the Serenity and some brandnew stuff. Toys for the real life.

In the moment I just work in the headquarter of Starboard and get things prepared for the upcoming trips in Asia while February. The trips are about wavesailing, highwind jumping, freestyling. besides I will compete in the Vietnam Funboardcup on the 2nd and 3rd of February.

See you,