Malaysias east coast has a lot of warm air

Arrived in the Duta Village Beach Resort. Got my own little Beachhouse for the next days of staying. Includes nice breakfast and a nice overall setup, like Karaoke Bar and pool. The Balok beach is close to the house and you can listen to the breaking waves while relaxing in the big bed. I am alone here again. So I share the bad just with myself. Had a great sailing session yesterday. The northeasterly seabreeze picked up to 20 knots and sailed in the end on my 7.6 m. It is quite difficult to sail fast here. But should have brought exactly the right gear. George Warren, the organiser of the windsurfing event, just mentioned: “This was a bigger day, do not expect such a strong wind while the Monsoon Madness races.” So I will be well prepared with my 9.2 Aero and the Isonic 122. The current is strong because of some rocky islands lying in the water close to te beach and the water surface is super choppy. And the air is hot. Just drank three bottles of water with 1.5 liters each while the day. Today we had a massive rainfall and no luck with the wind. Hopefully the wind will kick in tomorrow, when the event will start. Some big names are here like Dan Ellis, Andy Chambers, who sails on Starboards now, Alan Jackson, Steven Stratfold, Jesper Orth, Pawel Hlawaty, Masato Ogawa…

Keep you updated with more news asap,