Could make it on the podium twice in Penghu

The wind did not kick in anymore in Makung. So I kept the position from the 24th. The organisation was great and created a nice programm for the days without wind. The highlight was the tow windsurfing in Lin Tou Beach, an amazing place. Anders pulled myself with the jetski. The start was quite tricky. In one arm the rope in the other arm the sail and under the feet around 80 liters of lift. But if you can make it up the feeling is great and I could simulate bottom turns and some little rides in the waves, which got produced by the jetskitail.

With my result in the races I was quite happy and will keep on working on my setting. Was a bit surprised about the GPS speed, but the summertraining in Fuerteventura helped a lot. We just had 20 – 23 knots and could go for more than 30 knots (59.7 km/h). The new Starboard Isonic 87 is amazing and the new 32 Drake fin worked great. Never felt to be out of a good position. Tomorrow some strong wind should kick in and I plan to ride some waves at the wavespot.

All the best,