Excellent wind

Yesterday we had a great session on the lake. Kerstin, my girlfriend sailed on Flare 99 and the K-Onda 5,0 m². Later on the 4,5 m². It was her first session since beginning of March. But she did well and carved through sweet duckjibes. Yeeaaah. I rigged two Aeros in 8,4 m² and 6,6 m² combined with the Isonic 122 plus Drake 42 and the Isonic 101 plus Drake 36. The gear worked fine in the gusty conditions. A warm wind blowing from the southeasterly direction, built up a rough chop on the outside. In the beginning it was super crowded in Podersdorf. But later on the wind stopped for a moment and most of the people sailed back to land. Just 15 minutes later the wind picked up again and I was fully powered up. Frank Lewisch, Surf tester, was on the water as well. He rotated into nice forwards on his Slalom gear and we both had some nice speedy runs together. Kerstin took some cool shots from us. Thanks.