Fast wind at the Podersdorf Beach Park

Yesterday I arrived in Podersdorf around 12.00 midday. It was sunny and warm. For sure one of the warmest day with some wind for a while. I had just one goal: testing my brandnew AERO SL 9.2 on the Isonic 122 with a 44 cm Drakefin in the box. I did not care how strong the wind was. Just rigged the gear, already felt that the wind was quite much from the northern direction, without any changing my mind. The sand at the beachvolleyball court has been moved by the sudden gusts of wind. The fact was that the wind even feels softer in the beachparkarea, when it blows from the north. My plan for this day was to test my 9.2 sail.

Being on the water was amazing. I felt like flying and enjoyed looking back to the tail spraying off a magic fontain. The wind was kind of sideshore and could blast out in the middle of the lake. Later on, after a break, the wind picked. It was strong enough that the freestyle core gang around Tom Hartmann installed the massive artificial kicker and tried the firts jumps. They all rocked hard. Dani Bikich landed a sweet forward. Tom crashed a sail and some boards got damaged. But looked insane watching these guys flying over a ramp.
For myself I had to fight hard in this period of the day controlling my 9.2 m² racesail in the super fast wind. But could make it and felt so good sailing in the sunset in less powered up conditions, sheeting in the sail like it should be done. I think. I did a good job and I like the 9.2. The Aero SL is in the third generation now and the sails got so much better by the time.

Enjoy windsurfing, it can be so great.


Beach Park Podersdorf after the session (got the shot some minutes after being back on land and the wind died)