Felt good

Hi folks,
Alacati is a quite nice place for sailing and in my case for Slalom sailing. I could place on the 22nd after the first day and lost two places yesterday by taking a too small sail in one race. The next race will bring another discard. It will be number 7. I had to take my 6,6, because the extension of my 7,6 was broken. It was not enough time to exchange it. Anyway, in the moment I work on progress in jibing, the speed gets better. thanks to the new MFC fins. My boards are working insane, especially the Isonic 122. I used in the races all sizes I brought, the AERO 6,6, 7,6 and 8,4. 7,6 is a quite nice size for here.
My girlfriend Kerstin did find some time to check out the conditions on the water. Check it out.