First day of Austrian speed challenge

Surprise, surprise. The wind was better than expected (5 to 12 knots) and the organisers decided to go for a long distance. 7 jibes and 13 km. We sailed more than 20ty minutes. I was on my Code Red R2 9,0 and on the Isonic 122 with a MFC Racing 44. The wind was super light and shifty and felt like going upwind all the time. At the start, a classic beachstart, I lost some ground starting to far on the lee. Got covered a lot. Later on the run I caught some local cane and crashed a fish in the shallow water. I ended up second behind Peter Pfaffenbichler. Later on I went for a Serenity freeride session powered up by the Gator 8,0. That was definitely the gear mix of the day. In the 8 knots gusts the lightwindmachine went on the rail and accelerated quite nice.
We expect some wind for tomorrow morning. Nevertheless all competitors went out for a Mojito to the local Salsa bar “Lago”.
Was a nice day having some people at the beach.

See you,

some actionpics of today. Could get the Serenity on the rail!! (all pics by, thanks)

Chris Pressler

Chris - Starboard Serenity

Chris - Starboard Serenity