First day without windsurfing

Since I have been arriving here in South Korea the wind was good enough to get a windsurfing session done. But today I would have needed my serenity board and the Glide sail to have fun. We saw 2 to 5 knots while the whole day. Jesper Orth rigged a Severne Code Red 09 proto. I would like to put somepics online, but the cable of my mac got on fire. Shit happens. But will get some online asap. Later in the afternoon Andrw Buchanan, the new media chief of he PWA, came to my pit for a short statement about the day. It was not a windy day,but a sunny and warm one at the beach. You would call it holiday…
Tomorrow is the last possible day to get some races done here at Jinha in South Korea.

I get interviewed by PWA press officer Andrew Buchanan (Pic: J. Carter/PWA)