Gollito & Sarah on top

Both, Gollito and Sarah could win the second double eliminaten as well. Sarah could proof her skills in high wind as well and landed a clean Puneta and one handed Flaka with her 3,1 sail and Evo 80.
Gollito had just to sail one heat against Normen Günzlein. He won and was ready to make a revenge for loosing the single elimination the day before. But the final heat could not be sailed, because Antxon hurt himself before.

Best move:
Gollito lands Shaka on the sandy beach with the fin in the sand.

Unlucky fellow of the day: Antxon Otaegui
Right before his final heat of the 2nd double eliminaten he crashed a ponch and broke his foot.

Most heats of the day: Ricardo Campello
He won against Andy Chambers, Andre Paskowski, Thomas Traversa, Tonky Frans. Against Kiri Thode he had no chance.

Best heat of the day:
Kiri Thode against Ricardo Campello. He landed almost all his moves and the best was a Shaka 180.