Great October sessions

Since I am back from the PWA Slalom final on Sylt I tried to get as much time as possible on the water. The good performance on Sylt, I could finish the season with the best result of the 2010 season with a 35th, gave me a lot of motivation.

Racing was fun on Sylt this year (Pic: John Carter, PWA 2010).

Most of the sessions on the lake Neusiedl in October were on the big sails using the Reflex 8,6 or 9,6 plus the iSonics in 131 or 111. Right now a massive storm front passes the country and it was necessary to rigg the 7,0 this afternoon.

A bit powered up on iSonic 111 and Reflex 8,6 Â plus a Pfaffi fin 39,5 cm(Pic:Manuel Zugsbratl).

Good jibing needs a lot of time (Pic: Manuel Zugsbratl).

Not too many guys are on the water in this period of the year. The water has a temperature in between 7° and 11° and the airtemperatures range from 4° to 15°. You need boots, long wetsuits, gloves, a neopren cap to survive on the water. But out of my view these cold water sessions are extremely nice. The water feels faster and the wind has incredible much power compared to the warm days. Besides I can park the car next to the water!

Lonely homespot Podersdorf in October (Pic: myself).

I also found time to test new fins together with Peter, my testing partner. He created several new sizes of the Pfaffi Fins and the results were extremely positive. We already learnt a lot about fins since we started to test them in March 2010. Now after 8 and a half months the results are  much more accurate and we definitely know much more about the precise size for several iSonics. Check out the Pfaffi fins.