Inscription and opening ceremony are done

It´s the second time being in Sylt. Alltogether it´s my fourth start in a PWA Slalom 42 competition. Not really much, but much enough to know a bit what´s going on. Anyway it´s the final in Slalom 42 tour in 2006. This year I missed two races, Pozo and Sylt, but will compete in the final with 100 % motivation. The event on the island in the Norhern sea is quite well organized and I really like to be here. Once being here as a competitor you never will forget the opening ceremony. Carrying the flag of your country to a little stadium, where 100s of people are cheering.
The this years temperatures on Sylt are quite warm while the first two days of the PWA Colgate event. I would like to have the last years wind and the this years weather. But that´s impossible on the exposed island of Sylt. Anyway it was worth to drive from Austria cross the Czech Republik and Germany to Sylt. I´m sure that we will get some wind while the next days. And a Slalom 42 race can be started with 10 knots of wind. The fleet is quite big. 53 competitors will fight for the Slalom 42 title in Sylt. In the first race I will start in the third heat (check the heats:, together with Björn and Micah. Big honour, but big motivation as well.
My list of registered equipment is like following:

Sails: CHALLENGERSAILS AERO SL 5.8 / 6.6 / 7.6 / 9.0

The gear is prepared, could sand my fins a bit. Will also use the outhaul trim system for the first time. Like it. It´s a big thing.
Keep you updated,

with my gear in the tent