It´s time to leave to Costa Brava

Tomorrow morning I will leave to Costa Brava, Spain to compete in the second PWA Slalom 42 event of the year. My gear is already checked in. Payed nothing, good luck again!! Thanks to Air Berlin /Fly Niki and the help of my girlfriend. She went there with me and kept myself calm at the check in counter. My heartrate alwaysw arises a bit. Around 90 kilos of luggage. I put 2 Starboard ISonics, the 122 and the 101 in my bag, fins from 36 to 44 cm and three AERO sails in the sizes 7,6 m², 8.4 m² and 9.2 m². As well 4 masts and two booms. When I checked the forecast I decided just to bring three sails and keep the smaller ones in Austria for training on Fuerteventura one week before the start of the Lanzarote event. It´s quite great there to enter the water with 87 liter Isonic.  The big gearI directly will send   to Lanzarote after the Costa Brava event. The PWA has organized a container to ship the stuff  of many riders. The price is quite fine for this project.

Costa Brava will be a tough event. 49 riders registered already. All the top names will show up there. Pritchard, Albeau, Buzianis and Dunkerbeck is back in the game, too. Would be cool, if Anders Bringdal will be back on tour soon. Some rumours say, that he will play hard from next season on the PWA  tour again. Would be also interesting to see Phil McGain on some events, who was winning the first Maui Race series, completed on the 9th of June 2007.

Will keep you updated about the event at Costa Brava.


Stuff gets packed: