Just beautiful

The today´s weather was so nice. We got sun and wind. The temperatures were nice, 4° plus and the water around 3°. Too warm for skiing and pretty nice for windsurfing. My choice was my Code Red 5,6 and the Isonic 87 expecting a snowstorm. The real storm did not arrive. Wind around 6 beauforts were a bit less for my setup, but I had fun on the water. The forecast for tomorrow is really nice. Sunny and 2 to 5 °+. From Friday on westerly to north westerly wind should blow on the lake as well packed with realtively mild air. See you on the water.


A beautiful panorama of my homespot Podersdorf (pic: Kerstin Reiger)

A hard walk against the wind (pic: Kerstin Reiger)

It should be windy enough (pic: Kerstin Reiger)