Newspaper updates

Yesterday the local newspaper BVZ placed a nice update about my wintertraining. As well I can recommend you to download an older travel report to Croatia/Dalmatia, where I went in 2004 together with Kerstin reiger and Slovenian freestyle crack Tine Slabe (Slo-6). Was such a nice trip. We discussed a lot about telling people about lonesome places or keep it for ourselve.



Newspaper update inside the BVZ. A picture from Vietnam. The last session before I got sick for about a week. I am on a 101 proto iSonic 08. The board never got choosen as the best one, but worked great in the hard chop with Code Red 6,7.


Here you get the download, just jump on website. The text is in German klanguage, but if you should have any questions, just come back to me.