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My sailsponsor put the Gran Canaria Diary online on their site. Like it. Just came back from Vienna. We had heavy rainshowers there, but a super nice evening at the momentum gallery. Christian Skrein, a photographer, who only took shots for a period of 7 years – he got shots of the Beatles in the snow – presented himself as a cool guy and his pictures as art, we would say today. He never expected to become an artist himself. Like the shot “Sternchenschnuppe” (1964), what means “little falling star”. Took a shot with my phone. Both the group of people (men) and the viewer in the exhibition had a nice view on the falling star, who is not that little.

The evening ended with a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant located in the 6th district. Later, back in the office, the update at Severne´s site was on.

Nos vemos, Gran Canaria…


“Sternchenschnuppe” (1964) by Christian Skrein, at the Filmfestival in Cannes


Spraying at Vargas (shot by Kerstin Reiger)

Rotating at Vargas (shot by Kerstin Reiger)