PWA Slalom Sotavento – day 1

The day started even worse than the first day in Gran Canaria, but had a strong comeback in the third race of the day. Kerstin had shown me some videostuff from the first two races. Afterwards I went up a bit with the boom and felt more comfortable. As well I changed my jibing position a bit, which gave me a safer feeling. In the morning I crashed twice in one race at the jibemarks, which was not very efficient for the result
In Race 3 I could finish the first heat in 4th position and qualified for the next round. That was such a nice feeling after having sailed 16 rounds in Gran Canaria and here in Sotavento without qualification. The race I finally finished in 23.position. Now I really hope to get more good races done.
Below on the pic it´s Jesper Orth, Severne saildesigner and one of my best friends on the tour. He always supports me with tipps. It starts with the rigging and ends out there on the water. Thanks dude!!
The racing today was super exciting. Antoine made two victories, but Björn fought back in race 3. Will be very exciting while the next 4 eventdays.



Jepser Orth and myself on 5,4 and 86 liters (pic: John Carter/ PWAworldtour 2009).