Registration is done

Today the registration was on whil ethe early afternoon. I personally expected to have a bigger fleet here. Just 47 sailors registered for the event. I really thought it will be hard to get into the top 64, because the discipline Slalom will have a boom.

Anyway, tomorrow at 10.30 the first heat could be on and I will try to stay in the top 6 of the 12 or 11 heats. Will be tough, but everything is possible. A good start is super important. Otherwise you follow the guys in shit water conditions. Let´s see. My gear works great here at Sotavento. I had 4 days of intense testing and tuning after Pozo here at Sotavento.


Preparing the sails at my spot inside the massive gear tent (pic: Kerstin Reiger).

The 2009 event sticker (pic: Burghard Drews).