Second last day in Pozo

Today we went for the races 11 and 12. One normal fleet and one half fleet race. I really felt comfortable in the strongest wind we had so far. We had gusts up to 35 knots. With my new boardtrimm, I put the mastbase much more forward and fixed the bigger fin, the 32 MFC Slalom, the feeling was easier. The Isonic 87 stayed down in the water and I could handle the AERO SL 5,0 much better. I could make a 8th position in my first heat and a 14th in the halffleet race.
Yesterday I had bad luck. First my rope at the boomfrontpiece broke and had to sit in the middle of the first leg. All the racers of my heat passed. Finally the second heat of the halffleet passed too, but I was sitting in the middle of the second leg. The race got stopped and two guys with a jetski rescued myself and the gear. It was hard to unrigg all the stuff in 30 knots. I lost my sail for a moment and had to dive for it. Anyway, in the end everything went ok and I could compete in the next race again.
Tomorrow will be the last day in Pozo and will give my best,
See you,

Chris Pressler