First day of Slalom 42 on Fuerte

I started quite fine in my first race with a 7th position in the 13 people heat. I could not make it up, but I was close to. Just the top 6 move up. I sailed on my Isonic 87 with the MFC Slalom 32 and the AERO SL 6,6. The wind was below 20 knots, but the speed was fine. I just missed the start by some seconds.
In the second race I switched sailssize and went on the 5,8. The wind was up and a lot of little waves, too. I passed some people by jibes but felt at the last mark and lost a good position. In the moment my position is the 34th. 52 starters from 21 nations compete in the race. My goal is definitely to catch some PWA points.

Keep you updated,

Pic: Reiger