Some wind and the star”ling”fighters

I catched some gusts of wind today, sailing my AERO 9,2 with a 520 again. I had no use for this size for a long time, but today the size helped me to get my Isonic 122 into planning. In my opinion a size like this is just a compromise for slalom sailing. All gets slow and all gets heavy, but it makes racing in really low wind conditions possible. Now Kerstin and myself leave to Salzburg to pick up the Caravan, which makes windsurfing trips so more easy. Yesterday on the biketrip we saw the planes, which get called starfighters. They both fly quite low while the day to keep the starlings from the vineyards away. I like the pic..

All the best,

Back from the lake Neusiedler…

The starfighters, the birds get called “Star” in German language, in english starling