The show is on

A heavy cold front arrived in Austria moving a big claud with heavy rains exactly above eastern country. That means: too much water in the rivers, some more water in the shallow lake and excellent wind mixed with arctic temperatures. Nevertheless I had to go for. Yesterday and today. The yesterday´s session was crazy, powered up on the EVO 80 and the 4,5 K-Onda. Windchill 1°. Some sticky freestyle move attempts, why not. My session got stopped because of a broken fin and too cold toes. What happened to my fin? I landed a forward on a spot with super shallow water. Perhaps 20 cm of waterdepth were left. The thin tail went a bit to deep inside the water and the fin got cracked. That´s the situation at the lake in late summertime. The water is so shallow close to the shores and in case of super strong wind you just find some centimeters of water in between the peaks of the little chops. Groundswell, hihihi… I should have sailed a bit more far outside!!! Stupid boy!!!
Today it got even colder, around 7 degrees and windchill around 0° degrees. I got my booties and gloves out of the cellar to rip with a bit more comfort. The wind was less, but perfect for a Slalom session on my Isonic 101 and the 7,6 AERO+. It was fun to blast and I felt so much better since doing all the Canary PWA tour and the ISA speedrace. My body worked powerful. In the moment I work on better technique in shifting the racesail while the jibe. I watched a lot of jibes of the Toppros and recognized that they all move their backhand below the front arm to the new side of the boom. It´s faster, the body can stay lower  and the distance of the upper body to the boom is a bit more. But it needs a lot of practice to get it in my body and mind, hihihi…but not many people are watching me and the wind should stay for a couple of days. Besides the arctic temperatures should leave. We still have summer. My motivation is super high. The Sylt will start within 15 days and we should have Austrian speedchampionships on the Lake Neusiedler from the 5th till the 7th of October. Blasting on choppy water on a 250 m leg, yeaah…
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Wind is on, yeah, was out around 18:00


But the temperatures went down


Parking position, ready to go.


After breaking the fin, but not the nose. Just looks strange. Hit it too many times with the boom…

I got a nice article in a newspaper about Alacati. Thanks to BVZ. An interview should follow.