Still foggy and quiet at Jinha Beach

The wind died while the night and some fog came in the bay. I walked around the village Jinha Beach. It is a quite remote place. Some fishing people, some hotels. The Galaxy at the southeastern part of the bay seems to be the best. I stay  in the Galmaige Motel, was wrong in my yesterdays blogupdate. In the moment 1-4 knots kick in onshore. Today is registration day for the PWA Slalom 42 race. The bay we will race is around 3 kilometers wide, surrounded by soft hills, which can accelerate the southwesterly wind (blows predominantly while the actual time of the year) quite fine. But you must get used to endless windshifts. Yesterday afternoon the winddirection stabilized. Was great. I tried to catch a kite flying away. Wanted to catch teh tube and suddenly the lines went around my mastffot and fixed themselves with the bar. My gear got dragged away flying through the air. I thought shit, that’s it. Everything will end up at the rocks. But I was lucky and the kite felt down and the bar went off. I only had to swim some hundred meters to catch the gear again. Antoine and Julien watched myself being in big troubles and came immediatly to save my gear. Great job, thanks.

Keep you updated from Jinha Beach/Ulsan/ Southern Korea updated,


nice view on the eventsite at Jinha beach in Ulsan / South Korea