Windsurfing is not surfing …

It´s worth to invest time to promote the sport. It can happen directly at the beach, in a local newspaper, in the worldwideweb, inside a dvd or perhaps in a hollywoodproduction…. And it doesn´t matter if we call it surfing or windsurfing. I tried to explain other people the difference in between surfing in windsurfing. But does really exist such a big difference. Sure, soccer is not volleyball. But in countries, where the culture of surfing is not in the mind of the people and does not exist in reality – no waves will break within the next 10 million years in Austria – surfing and windsurfing do mean the same. Nevertheless I will keep on explaining the sport of windsurfing itself. In the end the media should be a willing partner, who is interested in the interests of this watersport. And indeed this watersport can be done in every single country on this earth. Everywhere there are little pool or a tiny lake or a quiet river, where you can start to learn windsurfing. The big ponds, the oceans will wait for you …. Thanks to the Newspaper “BVZ” printing an article about myself and living my dream.
so long,

Chris Seven