Sylt goes off

Today we saw some great action. It´s really a pity that I had no chance to compete today. I was out in elimination 2 already and number 3 has not been started yet. The wind was awesome. 6,7 m conditions with 100 liter board. Not everybody made it to the starting line. All looked like Antoine would claim the top position, but he crashed at the second mark. The first heat of the day had been sailed in really bad conditions and Arnon could not finish in the top 4. What a shame. He lost his 2nd position and felt back to the 27th position. I really hope to get some more races done in windy conditions that I can sail on my normal level.

4 more days are left and everything can happen.


Heavy rain and wind blew at the event area this afternoon.

Philipp Köster (E-44) passed by the tent while a period of strong rainfall.

Quiet evening after the registration (pic by John Carter / PWA).