A tough time here in Sylt

The this years competition is quite tough. Rainy weather conditions and a lot of changing wind conditions all over the week. But it´s great to have an event, where all disciplines get sailed. Today I had a tough experience: I lost my board in the shorebreak and swam with the 7,7 racesail in 2 m breaking waves. I did not know how to safe the rigg, but managed to swim like with a surfboard, pressed it down to the ground and managed not to break any gear. God thanks.

Yesterday I was close to advance into the second round. I started quite good and could keep the speed of Antoine and Sylvain almost on the first leg. It was the first time sailing the Code Red 8,3. Then I struggled a bit and had a nice fight with Flessi on the third mark. I came out ealier than him, but crashed on the second last leg in 4th position. Shit!!

But I really hope I can keep my good speed and will pass the first round in the 4th elimination, which should take place tomorrow.

Keep you updated from crazy Sylt,



The Severne team here at Sylt and I am in, stoked: Nayra, Bouj, Quincy and myself. (shot by kerstinreiger.com)