Three race eliminations in high wind

Today the Bora windmachine was fully on again. I had some stress in the morning tuning my new Code Red R2, because I only brought a Skinny 400, but did need a normal diameter. Was such a rush when we packed. Kerstin organised a North 70% from Chris Sammer, who helped me out. He is in Premantura to promote products from Boards & More. Thanks for the mast, dude!
The wind blew from 30 to 45 knots and we had three eliminations. In the first two races we started in two groups and the best 8 of each went up to the final. I could win all four races, both preruns and both finals. Then the racecrew decided to start a full fleet race, just one single race and all places should count. I asked the race guy, when they will start, because they never put any times on the noticeboard. Before race two I was sailing around for more than one hour waiting for the start. So I went up to the starting line in time, but they already started the race. Some other racers also missed the run. I sailed against the field to the starting line, jibed and started one leg behind the field. In the end I ended up 6th in the third race. What a f…!
This was the most ridiculous thing ever happened in a sport event to me. It looked like they did it on purpose. I really hope I can keep the lead till the end and show the spectators, why I came to Croatia.
Anyway, the day was the most windy in racing I had so far. I put my mastfoot far forward on the Isonic 87, fixed a MFC 34 cm Slalom and had the Code Red 5,6 on for the whole day.
Tomorrow the wind should be on and we will continue racing. 5 more eliminations can be done. (8 races are the limit in this comp.)
Keep your fingers crossed,

Pics: Kerstin Reiger