Back in Croatia

I did not sail in Croatia for a while. This year Boris Ivancic, the organiser of the Hallowind, asked me and Kerstin to come back to his homespot Premantura. A slalom race will take place. Just 3 sails, two boards and three fins are allowed. The 700 km ride was worth already. We got super strong wind today, around 35 knots. I was totally overpowered on my Severne Gator 4.2 , but could handle the storm somehow. I just sailed in a little inside bay and could catch little Adriatic waves, which got produced by the strong Bora wind in the Kvarner.
Tomorrow the competition will be on and it looks like I will ride on my smallest sail, the Code Red 5,6 and the Isonic 87.
Keep you updated,

all pics: Kerstin Reiger

Chris Pressler high jump
Chris Pressler
Chris Pressler spin loop