Two pics of a friend

The conditions at my homespot Lake Neusiedler were awesome. I don´t know how many days I sailed this year on the shallow. But these two days were perhaps the best days in the whole season. Unexpected warm temperatures, unexpected strong wind from southwestern directions. This winddirection blows very seldom. More often in early spring. Perhaps the seasons have changed. Would be great. So we would have springtime. But that´s just a dream, a soap bubble. The fall kicked in. Thousends of leaves are on the grass and everywhere else. But looks like the warm temperatures will stay for while and more days with wind from southern direction could follow. I really hope to get the chance to sail many more hours on my homespot in 2008.

Thanks to Thomas, who shot the beautiful pics. I met Thomas in the bay of Mui Ne in Vietnam. He worked in the windsurfcenter Jibes of Pascal and travelled cross Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Most of his trip he went on a motorbike.


Awesome light, the Snowmountain at the background (pic by Thomas Berner).

Jibing on the iSonic 101 and Code Red 6,7. That´s Slalom sailing indeed. (pic by Thomas Berner).