What a day

The october comes to an end. The normal scenario looks like descibed: foggy, temperatures below 10° and less wind. But this year it´totally different. Warm air from the south arrived two days ago and brought a lot of wind. Yesterday I was on the 9,0 and today on 4,7 with the 88 liter freestyler and later on the Slalomgear with Isonic 101 and Code Red 6,7.

Today I tested my new GATOR 2009 in 4,7. Massive power, but light and easy in handling. I like it. Very stable and balanced. Had a nice freestyle session together with Max. Both we tested our new GoPro Hero 5 wide cams. Max had the cam on the helmet and I fixed it on the boomend. Worked great!

Later the day I had some nice racing training with Markus Pöltenstein, one of the fastest Austrian racers.

The forecast for tommorow looks great, too.


Sunset at Lake Neusiedler, October the 30th, 17° airtemperature

Here is a little vidlink. I mounted the Gopro Wide Hero with the Ride tool on the boom. So easy, quick and resistent. The video is compressed a lot and delivers in original sizing quite nice quality
Really cool stuff:

[youtube l9ZijwZZFxk&hl=de&fs=1]