Went over early

I really feel comfortable at this spot and got better and better starts. But in my third race of the day I went over early the starting line by half a second. The start was at pinmark and I felt a lot of pressure from the back. There was no space to pull upwind and no space to sail downwind. So I got a 50.5 in points and felt back from position 37 to 39 within one race. I will try everything to fight back on the last two days of racing. Today a videoproduction about myself was done, which will be distributed while the next days and weeks on Austrian TV channels. Thanks to all guys here, who make great video- and photostuff.

Keep you updated,

John Carter got a shot sailing on 5,0 AERO and Isonic 87. This setup works fine in over 30 knots+. Yesterday I was close to make it up to the final in the half fleet race, but crashed in a solid position – was on 7th position after three legs – into Pieter Bijl.