went up from 19 to 17

Today was fine. Made my best result in a single race on the 11th place in elimination 3. Peter Bijl went over early. In the rerun I battled with Finian Maynard at the first mark. Had good speed down the first leg. Went inside him close to the mark, but he closed the gap and I felt. Ben passed us both. A bit stupid of mine, could have done it in front of Ben eventuelly because of an excellent start. Was fun, but Finian was pissed a bit. Sorry Finian. It is hard with the no rules thing, but I was there. It’s much better than sailing behind, what I did in some other heats. In elimination 4 and 5 five both time I made it up, once with luck, because Albeau felt at the last inside jibe mark. On my last loosers final I felt like having something on my fin. Perhaps I was just tired after so many runs in 20 knots on Isonic 122 and Aero 8.4 m². It’s a pity there does no pic exist, where I am visible. Challengersails is not the right brand. Perhaps I should crash someone pretty hard or the starting boat to get a pic, or just jump a forward over the finishing line. That’s a fine idea. So Mr. Williams, get ready before the event will be done. Was happy to make it inside the PWA liveticker. Will battle hard tomorrow and try to come up a position.

I am really tired and will keep you entertained tomorrow a bit more,

See you,


Pic ( PWA / Alex Williams): Two great sailors, Kev, the leader and Swifty, the newcomer in 10th position after five eliminations.