Sailed better today

Could made it in pretty nice conditions up to the loosers round of the second elimination in the PWA Slalom 42 event. In the first heat I almost crashed Ben van der Steen. Was stupid to attack him being on a save fourth position. So I felt and got overpassed by two racers. But could fight back and made it up. In the loosers final Ben went over early. I was close to him but kept myself back checking my racewatch, which showed up three more seconds. I got 7th in this heat, but could go a bit better with more efficient starts. It is tricky here. There is always a chnace to catch seagrass or a plasticbag before passing the starting line. The wind went a bit down,, but I stayed on my AERO 8.3 and the ISONIC 122 with the DRAKE 44. The 8.3 was so much lighter in the overall handling and fits quite well to the board. Peter Volwater could win the 2nd elimiantion. He was the only one who did not pass over early in the final. The third elimination got started while the afternoon. Most of the sailors stayed on their sailsizes, but some struggled a bit. Could make it in the loosers final again. Jesper, my best friend on tour and Starboard teamrider as well, went over early by a second. The looserâ??s final was attempted a second time, and once more a bunch of disqualifications were handed out when Julien Quentel , Cedric Bordes, Cyril Moussilmani jumped the gun. So I will sail the loosers against Finian Maynard, Ben van der Steen and Peter Bijl. There will be a lot of space at the starting line and I will try to have a good one.

Anyway I am happy of sailing my best result in a PWA Slalom 42 event so far. Uuuuhhh.

Keep you updated,


Pic (PWA / Alex Williams): A nice view on two of my opponents in the loosers final of the third elimination, Peter Bijl and Ben van der Steen. Peter Volwater, the today’s leader went up to the final of elimination 3.